Element Tripod

We were recently commissioned to shoot a variety of exteriors in and around NYC, NJ and Boston.  As you know getting around in the New York City can be a challenge, so we set ourselves up to be as mobile as possible.  Gotta love the extra large sunroof.

The REFLECT Project at The University of Maine Augusta

The Reflect Project will be on display for the next month in the Danforth Gallery at The University of Maine in Augusta!  There will be an open reception on October 23rd from 12-2 for anyone interested in a discussion about the project.  For more information about the exhibit please visit http://www.artsuma.com/

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Maine Coastal Island – The New York Times

We shot this very interesting little project for the New York Times and it is out and print today! It was designed by Christopher Campbell as an island retreat off the coast of Maine. It’s rather interesting in it’s approach to energy usage, check it out!

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